What the trust is

The Rahamania Educational & welfare Trust was founded in the year 2012, with an objective of promoting literacy and higher learning in the country. It operates with a vision to “Transform the lives of people in India through education, by providing financial assistance and recognition to them, across age groups and income strata”. Over the years, Rahamania Educational & wealfare Trust has undertaken a number of education initiatives, that have helped address key social issues such as girl child education, and have put thousands of bright young minds on pathways to success.

  • A new way to cultivate socio-economic values

    This millennium will see a free mixing of social values, cultures and civilizations. At the same time the dire economic necessities will force economies to come closure and partake in the overall development of the entire mankind.

  • The Trust

    Respecting the legacy of serving the nation , through creation of educational institution of excellence , like the Rahamania B.Ed College.

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